"The purpose  of “One Library Per Village”  is to teach and assess digital  concepts   and skills in a collaborative way to rural masses so that people can use latest technologies  in everyday life to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities."

“One Library Per Village” promotes collaborative learning to rural people with support of latest digital tools . It allows people from different backgrounds to interact and use their unique skill sets to tackle information or technology challenges which produce better products.

Our Dream

We dream of prosperous world where knowledge is equally  shared among rural or urban , rich or poor without any discrimination. We dream of a society that is not poor; a world which is literate, healthy and empowered.


To create awareness and share the latest tools, services and resources which enrich the  experiences of users of the libraries and enhance their learning and career development activities.

To support scholarship, intellectual growth and critical inquiry, and to promote a continuing love of learning in a welcoming space where people choose to gather.

OLPV  Vision

(1)     Libraries as Universities
(2)     Libraries as community centers for diverse populations,
(3)     Libraries as centers for the arts,
(4)     Libraries as community builders,
(5)     Libraries as champions of youth.