2utor Limited is a non-profit making company who strives our best to serve the users in the education sector. Our vision is explained by the name of our company: 2utor, which aims to match tutors with students for tutoring purpose with no commission being charged on all parties. Besides, we provide instant conversation for both tutors and students once they are matched by our system. Alternatively, students or their parents can select tutors base on our unique 5-star rating system.

Tutoring agency has become a fast growing concept recent years across Hong Kong due to the increasing demand of private tutoring services in elementary and secondary level. Therefore, we embody such demand into an apps basis in order to bring convenience to our users.

2utor Limited is a registered company with Employment Agency License approved by the Hong Kong government. We also provide information about overseas study in various countries. We are currently building a network with different overseas agency and provide matching services for students who are seeking to study abroad.