Adrenaline for Sports Entrepreneurs

In sports, barriers, obstacles and hurdles serve only to make you a better athlete. To win, athletes must overcome fears, break bad habits and train with focus.  It’s the same for entrepreneurs. To achieve your business goals, you need to continually get beyond barriers, physical and mental to reach the pinnacle of your success. That’s why 30 Foot Wave was created – to help conquer fears, accomplish goals and attain business success.  
Organization Overview
30 Foot Wave provides business education, career advice and business development support to people working within the sports industry.  Our membership is comprised of individuals and companies ranging from athletes to senior executives, from single member start-ups to well-established multiple employee companies.

The typical demographic for people working in the sports industry is 25-40 years old, highly motivated, innovative and resourceful.  However despite heavy industry experience, many of them lack formal business training.  30 Foot Wave’s educational offerings are focused on providing support to several groups.

•     Entrepreneurs and former athletes: basic skills necessary to successfully start and manage a small business
•     Established low and mid level management: Formal business training to accelerate career development.
•     Established senior management: An advanced course will qualify our members for a business skills certificate developed in coordination with, and recognized by, leading sports businesses, universities and academic and sports institutions.

Products and Services

The following services provide the core differentiation for 30 Foot Wave and are the initial services offered to members
•     Educational series
•     Professional mentoring
•     Funding roundtables
•     Re-employment training / Career services

30 Foot Wave offers 3 distinctly different educational components:

Monthly informational seminars that have been developed, and covers timely and relevant topics which are common to all sports-related businesses.  These seminars are presented by leading experts in their fields and sponsored by professional organizations and businesses with long term experience in, and commitment to the sports industry.  

A “business basics 101” program that will introduce entrepreneurs to the skills, knowledge and experience they need to successfully start and manage their own business.  The core curriculum includes topics such as organizational structure and employment law.  

Advanced management topics that are intended to act as a “mini-MBA” program, and will include subjects such as International business law, partnerships and alliances.  This course will not provide an accredited degree but will provide Professional Development and Continuing Education Units (PDUs and CEUs) that can be used at other academic institutions toward degree credit.

Professional and Dedicated Mentoring
The mentoring program is under development to match our successful and experienced industry professionals with earlier stage entrepreneurs.  Under this mentorship program, successful sports entrepreneurs and senior management of large scale organizations are matched with early stage management and owners of ventures to provide them with advice and support in core areas such as

•     Business plan development and validation
•     Fundraising
•     Brand development and management
•     Legal requirements (IP protection, company structures etc.)
•     Accounting
•     Business development strategy
•     Strategic Partnerships
•     Competitive analysis

Funding Roundtables
Each quarter investors will be invited to review the business plans and presentations of entrepreneurs that have been carefully vetted by the investment advisory team through an online application process.  

Re-Employment Training/Career Services
Partnerships are being formed with leading employment agencies, recruitment firms and direct contact with Human Resource departments has already been established to assist in the placement of our membership in suitable roles within the industry. Training will be provided to members in the areas of:

•     Job Hunting
•     Networking
•     Using Job Banks
•     Changing Careers/Industries
•     Upgrading Skills
•     Resume Writing/Editing

30 Foot Wave is focused on developing partnerships with employment agencies, recruitment firms and HR departments within well known and established corporations in an effort to assist our members in training for and rapidly securing re-employment.