Phyllis J. Bailey is owner and president of 3B Resources Group Public Relations, LLC, a Houston-based firm specializing in public relations, media relations, and special events.

Our mission is to be a trendsetter by removing limitations and guiding our clients to use multi-market and platform approaches to systematically capture several diverse audiences that increases their public scope.  We tell our clients what they “need” to know not what they “want” to hear.

About 3B Resources Group Public Relations, LLC

3B Resources Group Public Relations’ combines unique style and industry knowledge to achieve the public relations needs of our diverse client base. We are poised to assist individuals, small businesses and large corporations in meeting their public relations goals.  Our special blend of experience and personality along with the ability to skillfully maneuver around this competitive yet dynamic public relations industry is a big part of what makes us unique.    

3B Resources Group Public Relations’ strategies are very straightforward.  We tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.  We believe that the main goal of our clients is to gain value.  Therefore, client value remains the driving force behind everything we do and the ultimate “scorecard” that determines our success.

At 3B Resources Group Public Relations’ we take a multifaceted approach to satisfying the full scope of public relations needs of our clients.  We bring industry knowledge and know-how gained from working with many talented partners in all aspects of the public relations industry across the country.  Our partnerships are the cornerstone for our creative strategies.  We work with our clients to identify their needs and work with our partners to get the job done right.