Better Outcomes. Shareholder Value.

3C is the leading strategic cannabis and industrial hemp consulting firm.  We have successfully helped over 100 agricultural, industrial and retail clients achieve superior gains, resulting in increased shareholder value.nd we deliver best practices resulting in significant ROI.

One team, bringing experience with every aspect of commercial cannabis.

We are national cannabis and hemp specialists with hands-on experience, unique expertise and an uncommon perspective. We are farmers, scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, strategists and teachers who are fueled by a shared passion and mission for helping clients stay ahead of the curve and avoid costly missteps in a complex, changing industry.

Lighting Upgrades and Optimization

3C was asked by a client to analyze and optimize their grow lighting. After careful analysis, recommendations and installation, our client gained an additional $700,000 in revenue the first year of operation. They expect at least that much in return annually, which will eventually garner a 30-40x return on their initial investment.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management (IPM), is a vital part of any grow operation. With one of our recent client use cases, we were able to help the client avoid nearly $250,000 in penalties by helping them become compliant. 3C uses best practices combined with the latest information on local, state and federal guidelines to ensure that our customers avoid these types of issues while building a sustainable long-term operation.

Efficiency and Productivity Audit

3C offers a thorough Efficiency & Productivity Audit Service, which employs our subject matter experts to evaluate all aspects of an operation, from facility design, workflow, SOPs, pest and contamination risks, regulatory compliance issues, business plans and projections, and more.

3C advises on all of the above areas, and recently, specific modifications in the flowering stage to light fixture spacing and positioning, cultivation methodologies, and SOPs allowed our client to realize a 63% gain in cultivation productivity, while also more than doubling the production of cannabis concentrates from 219 pounds to 469 pounds annually, doubling revenues.

We help. You grow.

Our approach has been proven to produce measurably superior cannabis with greater yields at lower costs, while also maximizing the social, environmental, and economic benefits to our clients and their communities. We help clients design, build, start up and optimize their businesses; from large-scale, industrial hemp production to discrete management and consulting projects. We have a range of services to support strategic planning, development, implementation and ongoing optimization – whether for a large-scale cultivation operation or a new consumer brand.