What is 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE about?  It is about YOU.  And it is about us helping YOU build physical and mental strength that transcends our physical location, positively affecting your life within our walls, in the outside world, at home, at work – everywhere you go.

Want to get to that place where you feel a glow about your day?  Add 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE to your regimen and you will wonder how it is possible to work hard at something, but to come away with a surplus of positive energy reserves that you will be able to call on throughout your day.

YOU ARE NOT A SERIES OF BODY PARTS.  At 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE, you will be guided by our trained functional fitness instructors in ways to achieve your personal potential.   Functional fitness focuses on all of you – from head to toe.  You are not a series of body parts – it is never “back day” or “biceps day” or “quads day” here at at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.  Why?  Because that is not how we as human beings move and motivate through life.

INFINITE VARIETY AT 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Every day, every person who walks through our doors benefits from our one-hour daily workout – different every day – guiding you through a warm up, a workout and a cool down session.  Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, an advanced or elite athlete, you will have three levels of the workout to choose from.  Your trained functional fitness coach guides every workout, and filters between each person in the class to help them when they need it, and to encourage them when they need that little something extra to reach a personal best.   Each workout is comprised of multiple exercises.  You will never get bored. And you will never feel better inside and out – after completing a workout here.

SUPPORTIVE, NOT COMPETITIVE.  It’s about community at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.   It’s you, our staff AND our other members. We all come together to help each other reach their potential.  It’s in the air here at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.  Whether you come in alone or with people you know, you will make positive connections with people.   We look out for each other, and support everyone in their journey.

Our groups work together during each session. You will look forward to seeing each other from class to class. And you will look forward to seeing the positive changes in yourself and them week after week.  Show up at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE and see and feel positive changes in you that you can only imagine now.
It’s not just the workout at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.   3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE encompasses your workout, your recovery and your nutritional profile.  We’ll guide you on your path so you feel and look and function at your highest potential.   Yes, it is about you and what you put into it. If you are willing to make the effort, we will help ensure that you get results.

You’ll get fit at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.
You’ll get strong at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.
You’ll look your best at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.
And you’ll feel better than ever at 3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.

We’ve made the commitment to get you where you want to go.  Now make the commitment to yourself. Your WHOLE self.  We’ll get you there.  3 ELEMENTS LIFESTYLE.