Being a 3D modeling company, we are able to produce both low-poly 3D models for interactive applications and high-poly photorealistic 3D assets for applications using pre-rendered 3D content.
Being a 3D modeling studio we are focusing on delivering a wide range of 3D services including 3D modeling, animation and visual effects. Our goal is to effectively translate customer’s requirements into 3D models of the highest quality.

Our team consists of 23 talented 3D artists who are passionate about what they do and use their knowledge and more than 10 years’ experience in 3D to provide cutting-edge 3D content, which exceeds the expectations.

For the past few years a growing number of companies has started to gain profit from presenting their ideas in 3D. Our 3D modeling services help our customers to quickly visualize their ideas and bring their business to the next level.

What we do:

- We deviler 3D modeling services for different areas including, but not limited to, advertising, architecture, education, government, military, science and manufacturing.
- We provide the opportunity to choose among different cooperation models (fixed price and dedicated team).
- Out team contists of highly-skilled 3D modelers, texturists, UV mappers, skinners, riggers, animators and other 3D professionals.
- Nearly 10 years of outsourcing experience allow us to become a 3D modeling extension of your team or even handle your project from A to Z.
- Our special focus is on quality of our models, that's why we provide free QA services.

Our customers come from different fields and from more than 17 countries, such as the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, etc.
We are proud that such world brands as Electronic Arts, Namco Hometek, DTP Entertainment, ValuSoft, Kuju and others trust their business to our company.