This is Michelle from Wuhan Leadlaser Co.,Ltd. We are a 3D crystal series manufacturer. Our advanced laser subsurface engraving machines are used to engrave 2D and 3D images into transparent material such as crystals and glass as a ornament, collection or prefect gift. They are highly applied in fashionable home decoration (Glass wall, glass furniture, light decoration etc), advertising (Signboard, glass show window, advertising lamp box etc), photo studio, commercial promotion awards and personalize 3d portrait in the scenit spots etc. My dear friend, it is our pleasure to learn you and sincerely hope enter into win-win situation with you.

My dear friend, as for crystal manufacturer and crystal trophy suppliers, our 3D crystal mass production laser machine can engrave maximum 16 crystals at the same time with a same pattern. The maximum engraving range is 300*300*90mm.

As for personal business man to engrave not only crystal souvenirs but also 3D portraits for the tourists in the scenic spots. Our advanced diode-pumped laser subsurface engraving machines take only ONE MINUTE to finish the Engraving Works of a Crystal Block. They are all German Technology in the Chinese Price. Moreover, with our advanced relievo software, the common 2D photos can be changed like 3D from the front side. No limit of time, space, location, distance like 3D camera any more.

As for fashionable home decoration and advertisement company, our high speed glass laser subsurface engraving machines are used to engrave 2D and 3D images into glass without any touch. When engraved pattern glow in the lamplight. The engraved images change their colors together with the change of colored light. They are connect fully, without depressive feeling. The maximum engraving range run up to 1500mm*1000mm*80mm and the minimum glass thickness is 1 mm.

Moreover, before we deliver the machine, there are more than 500 3D images will be uploaded, such as white house, dragon, rose etc. 3D cameras and blank crystals are also available in our company too.

We supply 5-7 days free training, every product gains CE certificate and carries warranty for one year and lifelong maintenance (24 hours technique support after sale service.) Our aim is "Delivery is punctual, the mass guarantee, small profits and quick return"

To acquaint you with this idea, our latest catalogue and samples will be sent to you upon received your enquiry with much interest. Thanks!

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