Dimensional Control Systems performs with a simple mission in mind: To be the premier provider of dimensional quality applications and services.

Dimensional Control Systems Inc. (DCS) based in Troy, Michigan, USA is focused on the methodology of Dimensional Engineering. DCS offers best-in-class software solutions and services to manufacturing companies the world over. With over 50 years of Dimensional Engineering background, Robert Kaphengst (President and CEO) and John Mathieson (Executive VP and COO) continuously strive to exceed our customer's expectations for world-class Tolerance Analysis and Quality Data Management software and services.  No matter what the product or process, Dimensional Engineering is an extremely effective element of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Dimensional Engineering emphasizes digital assembly variation simulation, and web-based data management of inspection data for comprehensive support of your company’s quality objectives.

DCS software has been implemented globally within many of the world’s leading product manufacturers in industries such as: Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy equipment, Bio-medical devices, Hi-tech electronics, Consumer products.

In a day when product lifecycles are shrinking, and the demand for getting quality products to market quickly, there is little margin for error. Engineering decisions must be made quickly and efficiently to avoid delays in timing while avoiding quality setbacks, while managing your costs. What if you had software solutions, or a support team of engineers, that provide you with the knowledge to analyze assembly design during the design phases for fit, finish and function design issues relating to variation analysis, and or gave you instantaneous access to all of your quality inspection data, anytime, anywhere, and from any source through your web browser, such that you could make well informed engineering decisions in a timely and effective manner?

Dimensional Control Systems offers all of these! Our software solutions and engineering services give corporations the tool set for improving / validating the design in a virtual prototype arena prior to cutting any tools, saving time and a significant amount of money. DCS offers two core software technologies to aid in your design and production quality, Tolerance Analysis and Quality Data Analysis and Reporting.

3DCS Variation Analysis:

Variation Analysis is the process of analyzing and predicting assembly variation based on component tolerances, piece part geometry, and locating schemes, in other words a “REAL Virtual Prototype.” The design community creates details and assemblies based on Nominal design. Without the use of the 3DCS Variation Analysis software, at no time are analyzed designs based on the anticipated variation of the detailed components, or how a particular locating scheme / process will actually increase the variation due to geometry affects. 3DCS does just that, in a virtual environment, saving you time and money!

GDM-Web :

GDM-Web is a web based 3-Dimensional graphical quality data management tool for reporting and analyzing measurement data from any device, facility and location worldwide! GDM-Web provides users with the ability to access data from any standard PC from within your secure corporate intranet. GDM-Web allows engineers and managers in quality, product and manufacturing to easily review real-time (up to the minute) GDM-Web reports from the plant floor, the boardroom or their desktop, with a click of the mouse. Make these typically expensive and time consuming decisions rapidly and confidently.