Seraph Robotics produces 3D printing systems designed to simplify research level 3d bioprinting, material science 3d printing, and other pneumatic and syringe based extrusion experiments and industrial applications at universities and private companies. Fab@Home and Scientist 3D printers have been used for years in academic and industrial applications, making the company one of the pioneers in bioprinting and novel materials 3d printing. Seraph is both a 3d printing equipment producer and research company, refining the state of the art with our latest generation of Scientist 3d printers. From living artificial heart valves to edible 3d art, our printers have been quietly changing the landscape of the 3d printing industry, advancing several fields of science and materials engineering.

Our 3d printers are routinely used as 3d bioprinters for 3d printing hydrogels, alginates, silicones, and a wide variety of other materials. Using our unique software researchers and professional users can control various aspects of the 3d printing process, allowing the development of novel printing processes not possible on conventional 3d printing platforms. We produce a modular system which allows users to switch between filament and syringe extruders and customize their 3d printer to their specific requirements.