RKG 3D Creations creates fully 3D signs and other creative creations from double-sided hanging signs to giant lollipops to Retro-Rocket Lamps to Custom Name Plaques.

If you need something with a 3 dimensional punch, we can do it!
Any Shape! Any Size! Any Depth! (well almost ;) )

The projects we try to create and want to continue to create are geared towards putting two types of smiles on my client’s face. One is a smile of child-like joy and fun upon seeing the finished project and the second is the smile of seeing the project do what it was intended to do; be it bring customers into their store (increase sales), put a smile on someone’s face (a gift) or simply use as an accent to finish off a room in their home.

I've been creative my entire life...but my journey here really started in 1986 when my sister Laurie (THE most creative person I've ever known) suggested upon my graduation; "...you like drawing and computers so maybe there's some way to combine the two."

So...I became a Computer Aided Draftsman (Draftsperson these days ) for an electrical engineering company in 1988...then I did it freelance CAD work for awhile...then onto CAD work for a civil engineering company...then into a graphic design and 3D animation program...then into my own graphic and web design company...then graphic and web work for an environmental sciences company...then into product design and development and eventually Art Director for an art publishing company...then into signs.

Along the way were my many hobbies...drawing, photography, mirror acid etching, airbrushing, figure model making, sculpting, special effects make-up...Here's some of my past hobby
work: http://members.shaw.ca/rgrealy/hobbies.htm

After taking Dan Sawatzky's Sign Magic Workshop in the Summer of 2010...my life changed. While taking Dan's workshop it hit me like a bolt of lightning....everything I've ever done, been interested in or experience can now be combined into this...3D Sign work and other 3D creations...so here I am. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. Feel free to drop me a line below and let me know what you think or if you have a project you'd like to discuss.