The idea for 3Elements Review occurred when I sat down to write in 2010 and couldn't think of what to write about. Unusual for a writer, right? My boyfriend came up with an exercise that really jump-started my imagination and saved me from a day of writer’s block and excuses. He gave me three "elements," as he called them, and challenged me to write a complete story including all three of the given elements. The last story I wrote included these elements: $70, mentally unstable, and raincoat. I wrote a story I am very proud of!
The goal is to write a story or poem that includes all three of the given words. Each quarter, we´ll post three new elements. We hope 3Elements Review helps your creativity as much as it has helped ours!

Artists and photographers: as lovers of all kinds of art, we are looking for images that represent and embrace one (or all three) of the elements.