3fficient provides cost effective smart energy solutions for commercial, education and government entities. So far, we have saved our clients over $1 Billion USD (and counting) while making significant strides in improving the lives of others, the environment and our clients’ revenues.

Our mission is to deliver smart energy solutions that eliminate the need for fossil fuels. We are catalyzing change by:  1) converting existing buildings into super efficient net-zero and off-grid green buildings 2) providing clean energy solutions that are less expensive than their traditional alternatives. 3) developing the world’s first free charging network (FreeCharge™) that is energizing, engaging, adaptive and sustainable.

By doing this, we can envision a day when the world’s reliance on fossil fuels has been diminished and the crisis of climate change has been averted.  Ultimately, air pollution and water contamination will be eliminated and we can all breathe a lot easier!  Given the opportunity to energize your community, save money and the environment – the choice is easy. Do more. Use less. Be 3fficient!