3PRIME provides business services for companies throughout the United States enabling businesses of all sizes to expand and profit from their online marketing efforts. 3PRIME designs and develops websites, creates custom web applications, builds mobile websites, performs regular website maintenance and acts as website managers for companies of all sizes.

In addition to building and managing single websites or networks of websites for ourselves and our clients, 3PRIME's core marketing service is search engine optimization, the practices and methods designed to improve rankings in search engines. To achieve top rankings in Google and Bing, 3PRIME builds links, optimizes website architecture and plans, organizes and  writes marketing copy and website content.

3PRIME also offers managed hosting services, and manages clients virtual private servers, domains and DNS. 3PRIME also manages email users and accounts and offers support to new and existing clients.

3PRIME accepts all major credit cards and paypal for project and ongoing payments. 3PRIME is a privately owned limited liability company owned by Ryan Turner and Cornel Boudria. Based in Connecticut, 3PRIME's diverse clientele operate brick and mortar stores, virtual businesses, service corporations, domestic manufacturing, online retailers and more.