3Space Makers creates technologies that enable homes to be built faster, cheaper and better.  Our minimum target is ‘50/50/50.’  Any technology or process we develop must be 50% faster, 50% less expensive and 50% better than current methods on the market.  We strive to improve people’s lives around the world with durable, safe and healthy homes.  The first two technologies we are bringing to market are Fab & Fill™ and 3D Printing.  

Fab & Fill™: Complete metal-framed walls and roofs will be manufactured in a semi-automated factory.  Sensors will be built-in to measure the performance and health of the structure.  They are then delivered to the jobsite and filled with our proprietary concrete blend optimized for strength and high insulative properties.  The fill material is eco-friendly.  

3D Printing: The company is developing a tightly orchestrated process that marries autonomous robotics with proprietary materials and cloud-based control systems.  We are developing and combining the latest in IoT technologies to produce detailed data about the home before, during and after the build.  We anticipate that the collection of data can serve to validate new standards for building into the future.  

Both methods introduce product consistency, reduction in labor and risk at the jobsite, and produces a home that exceeds our 50/50/50 mandate.  The resulting home is impervious to hurricanes, fire, pests, earthquakes and other natural disasters.