www.4-rth.com was launched December '08 as a US-manufactured eco-friendly active wear line that sources its organic cotton and recycled poly domestically. The company uses a solar-powered web host and ships via USPS mail with minimal packaging or handling involved.
Given the tremendous amount of waste in the apparel industry and the harsh practices involved in farming cotton (intensive pesticide use, etc), the chemicals, dyes and washes, apparel is eco-logically speaking the 2ND most polluting industry on the planet.
4-rth ("for earth") aims to change the way clothing is produced from inception (farming the fabrics) to delivery (excessive product packaging). Given time, scope, and economies of scale, 4-rth will make a bigger difference with each successive production cycle.
4-rth currently produces an active wear line for fit men and women that frequent the gym, yoga, pilates, and other casual events. The product has an ideal "fit" for active people who are in shape.
4-rth is currently sold online through its own web store and affiliates including everythingyoga.com and vickerey.com. There is a retail store in West Hollywood that carries the line called "public service."
Additionally, 4-rth is now carried by the venerable sports club Equinox in all nine southern California locations.

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