42Gears provides solutions for the all prevalent problem of loss of productivity of the mobile work force and users of organisations. Mobile devices – handhelds, smartphones and tablets -come loaded with features and applications from the manufactures. Organisations trying to use specific features find it difficult to limit users to these features or applications thus losing crucial productive hours.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful yet cheaper allowing their use in almost all walks of life. Educational institutions all over the world want tablets in classroom. Tablets are a very effective medium for imparting education. However, students can get distracted into using applications like social media, games and browsers that can hamper their studies in the classroom. Retail stores can put tablets to use as survey monitors or even information kiosks for products at display. The tablets need to be locked for unwanted applications that store visitors shouldn't use. Such features and more require that the mobile device be controlled for use of allowed applications.

As more and more organisations are deploying mobile devices in large numbers to get ahead of their competition, there is also the need to ‘manage’ the devices. 42Gears provides solutions for all such requirements. The simplicity of our products ensures that the number of customers approaching us increases exponentially year after year.

42Gears has 4 main products that have been widely accepted for their simplicity and ease of use.

1.     SureMDM:     Mobile Device Management Solution
2.     SureLock:     Mobile Device Lockdown solution
3.     SureFox:     Kiosk Mode Browser Solution
4.     SureVideo:     Digital Signage Solution

42Gears provides solutions in all major platforms: Windows mobile, Android and iOS. We are a SAMSUNG partner. We cater to customers from almost all key verticals: Auto, Healthcare, Education, Media and Entertainment, Security, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Telecommunication.

42Gears continues to focus on providing innovative yet simple and easy to use performance enhancing solutions to the mobile enterprise.