The Melbourne based 44 Wing Sauce company manufactures a shelf-stable condiment sauce used on chicken, pork, and seafood. The sauce started as a chicken wing coating, but customers and food industry reviewers have found it delicious on pork and seafood as well. The medium sauce was recently reviewed on Hot Sauce Daily.com a reputed authority on sauces, and they said “it there was ever a gourmet wing sauce, this would be it”.
The flavor and base of 44 Wing Sauce was created over four years of trial and error testing and tasting. We use a blend of Cajun and Italian spices along with pure Florida honey to give it our unique taste. We wanted to stay away from the traditional heat elements (habanero, jalapeno, scotch bonnets), so we use Japanese chilies for the hot sauce. We use the same spices and honey so it has basically the same flavor, but also has a nice, smooth kick but doesn’t hang on for hours. The Melbourne based company currently has outlets across Central Florida and in West Palm Beach.
The nutritional value of 44 Wing Sauce is outstanding as well. Both flavors are cholesterol free, low in saturated fats, and high in vitamin C. We are concentrating on gourmet outlets currently, and independent grocers. People can check the website for a listing of locations that carry our sauce. The website address is www.44wingsauce.com and ordering is available on line.