We offer alternative medicine therapies. We combine the science of energy medicine with the art of energy healing. Our holistic approaches are designed to accelerate healing for those living with medical, emotional, or mental health concerns. While some treatments and therapies require you to visit our office, we offer several healing therapy options that can be delivered through online sessions.

Here at 460’s Journal, we believe that within each of us lies the innate ability to heal. To rehabilitate from injury, to mend wounds, to ease our emotional and mental instabilities and to find whole alignment with our Spiritual selves.
We take a holistic approach through the study of energy medicine. We combine traditional Eastern practices with contemporary scientific knowledge of the health systems of your mind and body.

As an Integrative Energy Medicine Practice, we work specifically with the various energy fields of the mind and body. We deliver therapies both in our office and through online therapy sessions. In addition to conventional training, our practitioners also hold a high level of expertise in the metaphysical practice that falls within their scope. They take great care in attending to this crucial element of our overall health & healing.