Granite Makeover is a service designed to provide YOU the consumer with the most up to date and relevant information concerning your granite upgrade. We partner with local granite fabricators to provide you with relevant offers from YOUR local service provider. We build relationships with local providers and through this relationship we hand select a shop to represent us in your area. This selection process is to ensure that the local provider has similar goals and values as Granite Countertop Makeover and that they maintain a certain level of Quality, Service and Value.

About Your Toronto Granite Countertop Makeover

Stone is a natural solid formation of one or many minerals. The variations in stone come from the spefics on how it is formed and enviornmental factors during the cooling process. There are thousands of types of stone that have been quarried throughout the centuries. Quarries are located all around the world. A majority of natural stone comes from Italy, Spain, Turkey, United States, Mexico, China, Taiwan, India, Greece, Canada, France, and Brazil.
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Although both granite countertops and marble were created deep within the earth millions of years ago, the processes that formed them were quite different.
Granite countertops come from an igneous rock, which means that at one time during its development, it was melted like volcanic lava. Unlike lava, however, this melted (or molten) rock never reached the surface. It remained trapped inside the layers of the earth, where it slowly cooled and crystallized, resulting in a wide array or colors and patterns, speckled stone that ranges in color from black and gray tones to pinks, browns, reds, greens and white. Granite is the second hardest material on earth behind diamonds.

Marble is a metamorphic rock. It was once limestone, but over time, the combination of intense heat and pressure caused the limestone to re-crystallize. Foreign substances often entered the stone during this process, creating an infinite variety of colors, textures and veining. Marble is a lot like people; no two are exactly alike. Due to how marble is formed it is not as durable as other worktop surfaces but with proper care can be a perfect choice.

Granite Countertops Advantages

   It's scratch resistant! After diamonds, granite is the second hardest material on earth.
   It's easy to maintain! Granite is stain resistant since it has an absorption rate of less than half of one-percent.
   It's keeps its beauty! Unlike other surfaces, as a natural stone Granite countertops will last forever. The diamond-polishing machinery used during the fabrication process leaves an inherent shine that is a symbol of everlasting grandeur
   It the premier surface for installation! The mere fact that other surfaces go to great lengths to make their product look like granite speaks to its magnificence
   It's clean! According to The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management, Granite has been shown to be over 150 times more bacteria resistant that most surfaces. That includes tile, wood, concrete and plastic laminate. Only the stainless steel used in industrial applications ranks higher.

   It's heat resistant! Placing most hot items on the granite counter tops will not damage granite's surface. Just don't use a blowtorch!

   It improves the value of your home! As far as granite countertops and surfaces used in building and remodeling, nothing has the investment-grade quality like Granite.
   It's the envy of all other surfaces! 8 out of 10 homeowners would like to have granite countertops in their homes.

   It's an investment! Granite counter tops is appealing to prospective buyers, organizations like the National Kitchen and Bath Association, and the National Association of Home Builders suggest that the number one remodel done today is the addition of a granite counter tops, and that over 20% of today's homes already have natural stone and that percentage continues to grow. Chose the surface that benefits not only you today, but also any prospective buyers in the future.