4Cite Marketing, a leading data management and marketing services company, partners with marketers of many well-known brands to develop online and offline programs that deliver profitable results. The 4Cite product suite is designed to help its clients attract and retain customers across multiple channels by leveraging comprehensive data assets and deploying delivery technologies that reach the target audience.
In order to be successful, today’s marketers have to utilize multiple channels to reach their target audiences. Email, catalogs, letters, postcards, SEO, SEM, and affiliate marketing are just a few such examples. Participating in all of these channels is tough enough but given the current fiscal environment and rising expenses, organizations are forced to coordinate contacts across channels and maximize the return on each and every contact. This pressure applies to every marketing effort and every consumer segment, with focus on maximizing return while increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers.

That’s where 4Cite can help. We feature services that allow marketers to reach their target audience in ways that were previously unavailable or too expensive to implement.
Services include List Management, Customized Web Site Display Marketing, List Brokerage, Web Site Abandonment Direct Email Marketing, List Fulfillment Services, Database and Data Enhancement Services, Email Hygiene Services, ESP Services, and OnTarget Email Optimization Marketing.