What happens to your pets if something happens to you?
4PawLaw.Com was created to offer pet parents an affordable and accessible method of protecting and planning for their pets in case the unforeseen occurs.  Through its online portal, pet parents  can create attorney drafted Pet Trusts,Wills with Pet Care provisions and Power of Attorney documents. Visitors simply pay for their chosen document, answer the easy questionnaire and download their completed document, all in a matter of minutes. 4PawLaw also offers a Purchase & Protect program, which matches every document purchased by donating one to a rescue pet.

In addition, 4PawLaw offers online dispute resolution services through its 4PawADR section. Pet disputes can arise unexpectedly through a dog bite case, neighborhood dispute,a contract matter, an estate dispute where a pet is left behind or more commonly, through a pet custody battle between a divorcing couple.Through 4PawADR,parties can schedule an online mediation in an effort to resolve a dispute prior to filing a lawsuit or during ligation to settle the case without the necessity of a trial. All mediations are conducted by an Attorney & Certified Mediator. Online pet mediation is a convenient and cost effective alternatives for  resolving disputes without the uncertainty of going to court.