Perfect SmileĀ® has been helping people gain and maintain brighter, whiter, healthier smiles for over 15 years. Based in Taylor, Michigan, just south of Detroit, Perfect Smile products are made in the USA and marketed to consumers on our website.

Perfect Smile product development started with the early recognition of CoQ10 and its role in fighting gum disease by two nationally known professionals, a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry and a oral implant surgeon. Collaborating, they developed and brought to market the Perfect Smile Oral Care system.

Our product offerings include toothpastes, mouthwashes, whitening gums and pens, oral heath supplements and packaged combinations of these items for convenience and all include CoQ10 to help fight and even reverse the symptoms of gum disease.

Moreover, our exclusive version of CoQ10, called MicroActive CoQ10 Complex, is produced from a patented process that makes it significantly more absorbable by the gum tissue. In fact, a study showed MicroActive CoQ10 Complex to be 22 times more absorbable by the body than standard CoQ10!

And we don't stop there. In addition to our exclusive Microactive CoQ10 Complex, we also include a special, long-lasting form of Vitamin C (called sodium ascorbyl phosphate) and Xylitol in our gum disease fighting formula to provide even more benefits and protection.  Vitamin C has also been found to be deficient in those with gum disease. And in addition to being a natural, sugar free sweetener, Xylitol also possesses special properties that help suppress the growth of harmful strains of oral bacteria.