“501 Name Tags: How Everything You Need to Know About Business Can Be Learned at a Conference and Forgotten in the Trade Show” is a new book by veteran business reporter and writer Frank J. Diekmann that synopsizes the keenest insights shared by some of most successful business and organizational leaders and then interweaves their strategic advice with his own experiences and observations in the world’s trade shows.

At a time when business professionals can't get to conferences, "501 Name Tags" is bringing the conference so them.

"501 Name Tags" is where the inspiring 30,000-foot-views meet the realities of the ground floor. Diekmann cleverly uses the trade show to illustrate how the side streets and main boulevards of the exhibit hall are a microcosm of the broader market, and how the respective 10x10 and big box “stores” represent the best, the worst and the most mystifying business practices—making it very clear an organization’s size and resources often aren’t what drive value and success.

For info: www.501NameTags.com