5050BIZ is a Virtual Online Office Suite that allows business teams, entrepreneurs and home workers to collaborate online through an easy to use interface. Since it is located online there is no software to install on the host computer and can be accessed from anywhere.  Some of the many features that 5050BIZ includes are:

•     Web/Video Conferencing to connect with prospects and clients
•     Virtual Meeting Rooms to share information and announcements
•     Shared document storage space to collaborate and access documents
•     Unlimited internal email messaging to network and connect with others
•     Instant Messaging/Chat to reduce email and resolve immediate challenges
•     Collaboration workspace that includes shared online calendars and group chat
•     Blue Page Advertising to build your brand and expand your business

5050BIZ also allows you to stay connected with your team and monitor activities so you stay focused on the goals. The state-of-the-art site includes a perfect balance of productive, social Web 2.0 tools to create excitement among employees presented in a professional, easy-to-use format. The site fosters group discussions, professional networking, idea sharing, advertising and the creation of growth opportunities.