At 1stCare Medical Center you only pay for the actual services you need. What a crazy idea, right? And you do not need to make an appointment, so you can come on your own schedule. For Simple clinic visits we charge only a $50 fee.

Of course, it’s second nature for many of us to hit the emergency room if we’re suddenly sick or injured — a sound idea, in many cases. But what if you have an urgent, but non-life threatening, medical issue like a broken arm or ankle sprain? A hefty ER wait time, and even heftier hospital bill, might not be your best option. In fact, quicker, more affordable and more convenient treatment is closer than you think: your local 1stCare Urgent Care Center.

Many of us have experienced the hassles and frustrations of trying to schedule a wellness visit with our primary care physician. It can often be weeks or even months to get an appointment. There is now a simple alternative. 1st Care offers patients the services and continuity of care provided by primary care physicians directly from our Urgent Care facility.

You can now schedule appointments for physicals, consultations, exams, and checkups on our website. Labs, blood work, X-rays, EKGs, and prescriptions can all be handled directly from our office. In addition to offering a collaborative approach to healthcare, we can put you on a plan to finally getting well.

Of course, for acute concerns, our Urgent Care center is always available to you—with convenient evening and weekend hours that go beyond most traditional primary care offices.