50r.co.za is an online market place where individual share all kind of tasks and services that they are willing to do for a 50 rands. Yes 50rands. The whole ideas behind the project is to create another type of freelancing sites but this time this one focuses much on what seller or lancer can do, No limit or requirements on what you will sale in small terms we can say it’s an everything goes kind of site.
The best news behind the whole idea, is that 50r welcomes any individual be it student, kids, house moms, fathers, freelancers, grannies, working class, first year graduates, etc. All you need to do is register and start making money by listing what you are willing to do for R50, there is absolutely no limit on what you can do.  50r prides itself by making it possible for South Africans to make extra income from services right from bookmarking, social media strategies, graphic designing, logo designing, singing, writing, business promotion, content creation, product reviews to any other skills, no experience required, you also make money by adding silly stuff  fun & bizarre ideas. 50r sellers don’t have to travel to work, they work from the comfort of their own home in their own time making it possible for them to keep up with their daily routines.

With a pool of professional low priced services that people are willing to offer for a mere R50 note. 50r has contributed to allot of South African’s bank accounts by adding in some quick extra money through what would have been there free time.


50r’s objective is to provide a never before South African online platform that allows South African individuals to earn extra money by sharing any services and tasks that they are willing to do for R50.  Our other objective is to make it easier for buyers to get professional and quality services, delivered instantly at an unbelievable price of only R50.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to become the largest online marketplace in South Africa, creating jobs for people from what would have been their free time. Our mission is also to provide South Africans with an online platform where buyers have a quicker easier solution to what would have been expensive tasks or services. We also strive to keep our clients and users happy, by sticking to our terms of use, privacy policies, and human verification of all users, services, and removing of inappropriate content.