5 Continents Network, LLC (5C Network), is an affiliate based company headquartered in Allen, Texas. The Company offers a unique opportunity for independent representatives through the education and distribution of mainstream “Services”. We offer a broad range of high demand - high usage services that independent representatives will offer to prospective customers, or personally utilize themselves. Our full range of services includes; Mobile Phones, Internet, Satellite Television, Video Phones, Security Systems, Travel Services and much, much more. All services are provided through major brand name providers.

With the broad range and quality of services that we are able to offer, a substantial business opportunity is also available to our independent representatives and their customers. 5C Network, offers a very lucrative compensation plan offering multiple income opportunities for our eligible representatives. Because there is no product to inventory, our representatives are able to acquire customers from the general marketplace, or simply become a customer of these quality services themselves. Commissions are paid based on the “acquisition of customers” choosing to utilize the service providers that we represent.

As a Company dedicated to great services and a realistic business opportunity, we recognize the importance of creating measurable success as soon as possible. Therefore, we have combined both a “Mass Market” compensation component for customer volume (Utilizing a 3 X 9 Power Matrix) AND true “Leadership” components based on “Life Codes” and “Check Matching” for serious networking professionals. Two (2) unique compensation mechanisms (Front side and Back side), fully integrated into one powerful system, creating one of the most innovative and rewarding compensation plans in the referral business industry.

You owe it to yourself to take an in-depth look at this remarkable program and get involved. Why not benefit from the opportunity of using services you are already using? Why not represent these services to a consumer market looking for new ways to benefit? Why not get paid to refer our services to everyone you know? Why not YOU! Why not NOW!