5 North, Inc. is an outsourced sales and marketing company that works on behalf of Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. We hire and train an independent sales force to represent our clients with professionalism, integrity, every day positive energy, and an unyielding worth ethic to be succeed.

Whether we’re working together to accomplish a team oriented goal in the office, or reviewing a detailed presentation with one of our clients, our overall approach is built around relationships.

Over the last 6 years, the executive team of 5 North, Inc. has cultivated an organized, goal-oriented development plan for employees to achieve success, build opportunity, and to grow – both personally and professionally. While advancing through our training program, our people develop an appreciation for discipline, follow through, and have every opportunity to work with the most energetic “go-getters” in New York City. Along the way, we see the development of great working relationships with team members and mentors that act as vital resources throughout the course of an employee’s career.

Our relationship-based marketing strategy has allowed us to achieve a success rate that is unmatched in the industry. By focusing our sales and marketing training on a face-to-face, relationship-based marketing approach, we establish long-term customers, we build brand loyalty, and we enhance product appreciation.

Our sales team is made up of only highly motivated, energetic, professional, sales reps with great character and the highest level of integrity. Our people are a part of an award-winning marketing, sales, and management training program. We have dramatically increased revenue for each of our clients in every market we have entered. Because of our productivity and efficiency, we have grown to 28 offices since we opened the doors in St. Louis in 2006.

5 North, Inc. works with clients that are leaders in the telecommunications, energy, utilities, and office supply industries – focusing on new client acquisition and client retention. We do not use marketing strategies like cold calling, mail, or mass e-mails. Instead, we develop relationships through direct marketing, with face-to-face contact, which enables us to deliver client-specific presentations. With a focus on each individual customer, and our strength in creating relationships, we have achieved a success rate that is unmatched by other marketing and advertising strategies. The growth and consistency that we have experienced has made us a staple in the industry. As a result of our proven track record, we have grown to 28 offices since we opened our doors in 2006.

With the introduction of various forms of technology, marketing campaigns that were at one time highly effective for big companies like AT&T, such as telemarketing, mass mailing, TV, radio, and billboard advertising, are no longer providing anywhere close to the same return on investment as they did in the past. As a result, face to face sales and marketing provides a consistent and dependable method of increasing revenue that all companies, big or small, appreciate. To illustrate this point, see the current marketing statistics below.