Inspired by our founder's personal medical journey, our mission is to empower our clients and customers to speak and act for themselves and loved ones when needs arise. We market our comprehensive and effective systems for helping people to be prepared and empowered to act on their own behalf or on behalf of those they love.

Five Steps Advocate (1) teaches patients and their caretakers to embrace the 5 STEPS Principles and to recognize that Knowledge is Power; (2) teaches patients and their caretakers how to open doors that have been shut by conventional health care systems; (3) teaches patients and their caretakers how to move forward when fear and societal expectations promote inaction; (4) creates an environment of hope for individuals with chronic or severe illness; (5) empowers everyone to advocate for their own health care needs.
We do this by providing health care education through books, workshops, webinars, podcasts and consulting services to individuals and organizations concerned with illness, wellness and recovery.

Outreach includes: Keynote speeches and presentations by founder and author Cristy Kessler; author events, book signings and readings at bookstores; in-person and digital workshops (offered in a variety of settings, such as, senior and assisted living facilities, hospitals, chronic illness networks, health care networks, and active retirement communities); individual and private consultation; webinars, podcasts, video messaging.

Because we know that chronic illnesses often strain the financial reserves of many people, we plan to set aside 10% of our earnings as a fund for individuals who are seeking help that do not have the financial means to avail themselves of our resources.