Five Talents Audio exists to activate more Scripture in people's lives through the professional re-enactment, recording and publishing of Biblical and extra-biblical texts and study tools.
We do this by publishing three main types of products: The Bible itself, Bible curricula, and certain extra-biblical texts taken primarily from the Dead Sea Scrolls.
For centuries, people have memorized and spoken back God's Word to each other in long form with powerful, reckless results for the Kingdom. In fact, up until about 500 years ago, it was our primary means of meditation, since most of us were illiterate.
But from the invention of that first printing press back in 1439 to the roll out of the latest iPad, Bible study has slowly become a more text-based enterprise, usually done in isolation, with a personal or small group goal in mind rather than corporate worship.
There's nothing wrong with that. The Spirit certainly can and does sanctify us in that way too. But we believe it can never quite be the same active communal expression of love for Jesus that oral presentation has been through the ages.
So, what if we made a conscious effort to revive that experience? What if we re-introduced the radically ancient concept of oral presentation back into our homes and churches? Could it be that the simple act of speaking and hearing longer passages of Scripture and other Biblically-based ancient texts has the power to transform our walks with Jesus?
We believe it does.

Taste and see for yourself.