We are your Five Tool Player.

In baseball, a five tool player excels at every element of the game, making him an all-around asset to his team. At Five Tool Sports Group (5T), we excel in each of the critical elements of the business of sports, making us an invaluable asset to our clients.

As Sports Management Consultants our expertise and services include:

Sports Product Launches and Marketing

Sports Organizations Consulting and Sponsorship Marketing

Sports Venue Consulting and Revenue Development

Sports Social Media Management and Strategy

We have also developed a number of resources for  Teams & Athletes to help them in securing funding and sponsorship so they can keep focused on performing at their best.

We are experienced, connected, innovative and forward thinking. We stand by our work and our clients and ensure that we bring value into everything we do.

We’ll never take on a  client we can’t help so give us a call – 604-692-0920 or connect with us today to see if a 5T player can enhance your team.