James E. Hess
4417 13th Street Suite 217 St. Cloud, FL. 34769
Finally, A Simple, Step-By-Step System Guaranteed to Make You Stronger &
Kissimmee, FL. 1/16/13 What if you really could get back into great shape, better than when you were younger, and actually have the time to make this a reality?

Author James Hess answers this question and more in “6 Pack After 60: A Simple & Effective System for Getting & Staying Strong.”
He has condensed his many years of exercise experience into an effective system. By applying what you will learn in his book, you will have the keys to staying strong the rest of your life.
Both the Kindle (http://aehokila.notlong.com) and paperback (http://checoophe.notlong.com) editions of his book are available for ordering
online at Amazon.com.
Mindy Lee, an independent reviewer on Amazon.com wrote, “At first glance this may seem like a book that only men would be interested in. However this is not the case. I found this book extremely helpful as it is so important for women to maintain a strong body and strong bones as they age.”
Concerning the unusual title, Hess says, “Actually this book is not about getting a 6 pack. The main focus of this book is teaching a sustainable, easy, effective System for getting strong and staying strong.”
Jim Hess has been working as a Network Systems Consultant for the last 15 years. He helps companies leverage the advantages of “being in the Cloud.” His business email is jhess@axciss.com. He is currently working on the next book in this series which is a “no-diet” diet book that explains how easy it is to stay lean while eating well.

To arrange an interview or a “total fitness” workshop contact Jim Hess at 407-908-0823 or jhess@axciss.com.