The vision of Six Sigma Scrum Live is to deliver quality business improvement instruction to the business community. Specifically in the way of live classroom instruction and through live online classes.

Six Sigma Scrum Live believes that there are certain business principles that are key to the success of every business. The principles of Six Sigma have been developed over the past century. These tools were brought together as a methodology in the late 1980's by engineers at Motorola. The tools of Six Sigma can be used individually as a business performance builder, but using them as a package will boost the productivity of the organization, while improving sales and market share.

Six Sigma is data driven. In six sigma we measure all performances with metrics; thereby being able to estimate and calculate all performance gains.

The delivery of Six Sigma projects within the organization needs to be controlled by knowledgeable experienced managers. The delivery process is done best using Project Management tools. The PMI PMP Certification is a universally recognized certification. The bearers of this certification are required to obtain continuing education to keep their skills current and robust. Another delivery process is the Agile management system. There are several different Agile systems that are available for use. Scrum methodology is the Agile method that Six Sigma Scrum Live promotes and teaches.

Six Sigma Live teaches live classes for Six Sigma Green Belt certification, Six Sigma Black Belt certification, Scrum Master Certification, and PMP Boot camp to pass the PMI certification exam.

Six Sigma Scrum Live has just recently opened its doors. Jack Ferguson the CEO has been instructing as a consultant to an international Education company VMEdu. He is now a REP of VMEdu and represents many of the products that he has historically taught.

I will be writing more in this space in the near future as the business develops. Thank you, for your review.