71 Pounds claims late delivery shipping refunds and audits your company shipping invoices for other refunds such as lost or damage parcels and invoice errors. Used by 5,000+ customers and partners trust 71lbs to be their Shipping Advocate.

We support more than 70 different audit points and make it easy to automate your shipping refund, verify invoices, file lost & damaged claims, and more! The fee for our service is contingent upon us finding refunds for you - we only get paid after your company does.

"We had no time to get these refunds before. 71lbs is like having free insurance without paying any premium. It is a no-brainer."
- Alex, Logistics Manager

"Their pricing model makes perfect sense. We didn’t know about these refunds before. Now 71lbs finds us refunds, and we share those savings."
- Josue, VP of Supply Chai