72 Equity. Organic Business Consulting & Global Social & Digital Media

At 72 Equity, we are at the progressive forefront of guiding big companies and the little guy startups in raising capital and implementing digital execution strategies, web development & social media in a constantly changing environment. Our professional business plan & private placement writing services injected with global digital marketing, branding, SEO, & SEM infusions allows for the convergence of any ideas to thrive and respond to economic conditions accordingly. In the old days of business plan writing and digital marketing strategies, a boilerplate mentality and product was executed without taking a methodical approach to a company’s future growth. With the evolution of the Web and the growing opportunities available for any type of new or established businesses, the old rules of raising money or doing online branding,marketing, & Social Media simply don’t apply and need to be complimented with online resources that are customized to  evolve with you and your vision. Further, we are “competition neutral” when it comes to web development & social media  and we offer a 100% guarantee that if your become our client, we will not service any of your competitors.  Plus, we are 100% MADE IN THE USA and our entire team of web designers, marketing experts, and business consultants are all U.S. based and not outsourced from foreign countries.