7 Elements is an education organization that operates Service-Learning Programs to teach the seven elements of human security, as defined by the United Nations, and leverages community-directed service projects to create a living classroom that brings theory to life, while also giving participants hands-on opportunities to experience a new culture and work side-by-side with locals to improve living conditions.

For nearly a decade, 7 Elements has been host to 1000s of students, families and groups. In collaboration with our partner organizations, we have worked to change lives by empowering marginalized Latin American communities to implement sustainable development projects that address human insecurities. 7 Elements collaborates with communities in each of our locations to design development projects, using a proprietary community diagnostic model to discover what will uniquely address the needs of the community.  This guides ethical interventions that empower local residents.

Founded in the Dominican Republic, 7 Elements now also operates programs in Peru, Haiti and Belize.