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I started producing beats, Instrumental, mostly hip hop Beats more then 6 years. i learned to make beats first at home and then in the college (SAE) i use programs like, Logic 4 to 9 Pro, Fruity Loops, & Pro toolsHD & pro tools LE. Propellerhead Reasons and I learned how to use a synthzieres and beats maschiens like MPC100 to 4000, Akai, Viruse, Roland, and much more. if you ask me i recommend to use more of vst (software version) for example if you wont to make drum kite you can use Maschine form Native Instruments, you can used it in your Daw (Digital Work Station) or just standalone, or is u wont to make melody you can use a synthesizer or a vst or and well-know electronic keyboard, like i just mention above, bud remember you can purchase a keyboard that has on-board sounds or one that's simply a controller—a keyboard that doesn't make sounds .

And you can even make music online, a Studio which has all the functionality to beats making online, if you are a guitarists, Riffworks, and features a loop-based workflow that enables you to build up beats quickly.like a real professional desktop DAW including virtual instruments, effects,, automation, recording and much more! And best of all - It's online. you can even make beats online for free. that's right free beats free.
As you see there are all many tools to use to produce beats and.
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In no order: Omnisphere, Morphine, Massive by Native Instruments, KONTAKT 5 by Native Instruments,Music Lab Real Guitar, KOMPLETE by Native Instruments, 8edirol Orchestral by ROLAND, EastWest/Quantum by EASTWEST, Strings @ EastWest by EASTWEST, The Grand 3, Any Steinberg vst sets, Strings from KOMPLETE, Pianissimo, T-RACKS, FL STUDIO 10, Harmless, Poizone 2.

Word of wisdom from the humble, and the wisest of all producer!!!
it seems that all musicians has a music making tip to offer, i can only assume that you know it all already, bud you should try to learn as much as you can, but what you really need is words of the people who've experienced as a professionals done it.

Essence is capturing a human feel,reviews about demo versions of vsts,it takes effort and diligent practice be passionte, interested aboute what you doing others will become interested to, make it as simple as possible, "I'm all for progress, try compressor on the master channel as you mix you get a much better sound, don't go out and partying all night, when you get some success whit your music, Get back to work and get the next stuff sorted out. celebrate will com.

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