7Hedge provides highly evolved Foreign Exchange turnkey solutions for its clients to match and profit from market realities.

Offering independent guidance and practical support we are structured to provide clients with dedicated access to an institutional network of proven Tier-1 solutions, hitherto reserved for global conglomerates. The 7Hedge model delivers exclusive industry knowledge, expertise and experience with optimal efficiency helping your business to adapt, evolve and grow profitably.

Freed from the costly overhead and limitations associated with traditional consulting firms, 7Hedge is unique; entrepreneurial and focused on delivering continuous high commercial value results directly to the strategy and bottom line. From Foreign Exchange liquidity to best execution, Prime Brokerage services and beyond, 7Hedge's deep network and knowledge offers a resource of unparalleled value.

Our diverse client base of on-shore and off-shore Banks, Stock Exchanges, Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders, and Corporates provides your business with tailored liquidity solutions to suit individual needs, a comprehensive array of services including low latency infrastructure, cutting edge technology and an extensive network of Prime Brokers.​