We are a Sales and Marketing company based in Southampton town Centre, we outsource to various clients creating brand awareness and new customers for them through B2B B2C and Event Based Marketing

Our customer acquisitions service benefits many businesses, we are able to save them time and money, and we also remove the difficult task of developing a sales team. At 8 Global Solutions we are able to work alongside what you have already established, providing you with a highly competent sales force, creating you not only brand awareness but acquiring customers, through our face to face Direct Marketing systems of B2B, B2C and Event based, we have systems in place which allow us to meet potential customers at their place of business, setup a small event in a local venue, or even meet customers in the comfort of their own home. We pride ourselves on ensuring that this process is enthusiastic without the pressure of an aggressive hard sell, in contrast our sales force provide informative beneficial information, this allows us to provide our clients with quality customers as who have a genuine interest in your product or service.  8 Global Solutions is able to provide you with daily measureable results as opposed to quarterly or annually.
8 Global Solutions is expanding rapidly and this is due to the increase in companies outsourcing their sales force. Sales outsourcing can refer simply to staffing sales positions from an outside company, outsourcing specific sales programs or campaigns. Traditionally, sales outsourcing has been used by companies that are expanding into new territories, internationally or who are developing a sales team around a new product or sales approach. With the growth of the Internet and the number of virtual or networked companies, total sales business process outsourcing is becoming an accepted and preferred practice. When companies are in the start-up phase or ready to expand to the next level of corporate growth, they need to focus their resources and attention on their core product or service and not on developing sales processes and hiring a sales team. By outsourcing aspects of the business process, these companies can move at the speed of the Internet while leveraging the core competency of the sales outsourcing company that already has systems and processes in place. As an added benefit, companies are getting the benefit of senior sales executives that they would not have been able to afford at their start-up stage. A real synergy begins to develop as you bring these talents together. This recipe for success is not limited to Internet start-ups; any new, small or even established business could derive tremendous benefit from sales outsourcing.