For any production to realize its full creative and financial potential, every creative element must reflect the overall goals of the project. Every great collaborative work was produced by a team of talented people, united by a common intent.

8 Sided Films represents our collective stewardship over the stories born from intent too multifaceted, specific, or unique for studio production, and our commitment to honoring that intent as the foundation for a more personal relationship with our audience.

Recently, 8 Sided Films completed a groundbreaking microbudget webseries entitled "The Starmind Record" which is now garnering overwhelming critical, audience, and festival support.  Today, 8 Sided management and the 8 Sided ensemble are building on support for "The Starmind Record" with a limited slate of microbudget films, for social media-driven platform release in cinemas.  Those films include Quantum Theory, a science-fiction heist movie, and Sam Bailey, a dramatic modern fantasy.

8 SIDED FILMS is a repertory film company.