From real estate agents to software engineers to neighborhood coordinators to social media marketers, we're a team of more than 90 people who are passionate about making real estate a better experience.  

In the past several years, many people have lost faith in home ownership and trust in the real estate market.

At 8z, we believe in the value of home ownership and want to rebuild trust in the real estate market and the professionals who serve it.

We believe the following:

-Real estate is more about people and relationships than it is about houses and transactions.
-Real estate is more about living and building community than it is about investing and making money.
-The real estate process should be more transparent and less confusing.
-Being a real estate professional is not a hobby for part timers and amateurs.
-Some real estate agents get paid too much for the value they provide.
-Some real estate agents are great. They add value and earn what they are paid.
-Buyers and sellers deserve the help of great agents for one of life's biggest decisions.
-Great agents put their clients' interests before their own. Clients before commissions.
-Great agents know their local neighborhood markets inside and out.
-Great agents earn the trust of their clients and give valuable advice and counsel.
-Great agents give back to the neighborhoods they serve and are community assets.
-Good is the enemy of great. Settling for good can keep you from becoming great. We hope other agents and brokerages join us in raising the bar of professionalism in real estate.

To those who are skeptical of our industry and its practitioners, we welcome the opportunity (and the challenge!) to make you a believer in real estate.

We are 8z.