Co-living is fast emerging as the next big hospitality trend. It can be a remedy for a lonely millennial seeking out a true connection. Rentroomi found a massive opportunity in India as it addresses the fundamental need of accommodation of the young, urban migratory populace. With the young, new-age Indian consumers becoming more tech-savvy and happily adopting the notion of shared economy, the rise of co-living is inevitable. Focus on high-quality; technology-driven services and consistency hold the key to this industry, rentroomi in this space are continuously proposing solutions to the housing crisis. The need for more micro-apartments has been repeatedly highlighted. As new workforce flooded cities demanding more freedom, boarding houses were largely replaced by shared accommodations (Peer -2- Peer) while co-living hubs were designed for long-term stays. Rentroomi continuously working to transform residential housing by creating a brand that is ‘emotionally and culturally resonant with millennials