941 Social Club is San Francisco's first virtual social club. Club members can share experiences & share photos.

The club's "celebrity" is Marsha Mello, a plastic doll-next-door who offers a funny introspective on life in San Francisco.  Marsha has been a popular San Francisco staple on Instagram (instagram.com/marshamello941), recently garnering nearly 8,000 followers. Marsha takes a cheeky and sincere approach to posting about her daily antics and current moods: “I want abs…solutely all the bacon,” “I don’t make the same mistake twice. I make it four or five times, just to be sure,” “Is there an Instagram filter that fixes resting bitch face?” Her Instagram feed is filled with meme’s, party pictures and pop culture tributes. Marsha Mello is also praised by her followers in the comments section of her Instagram feed: "@MarshaMello941 BETCH we LOVE YOU. You're like our marina patron saint. ALL HAIL U"