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Whether it was a trip to the airport, the coffee shop, or the latest movie premiere that led to your run-in with greatness, 99 Celebrities features a fun, easy-to-use platform where you can upload and share your treasured snapshots with the world!

99 Celebrities is a one-of-a-kind, ad-free site, like no other in existence. It's a fun interface where you can view your favorite actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and other famous faces as they've been captured with die hard fans across the globe. We've all seen those run-of-the-mill red carpet photos and promotional glossies; 99 Celebrities is a place where you can see pictures and read short stories about the photos, the celebs and the circumstances that led up to each image capture.

From the Dalai Lama, to Daniel Radcliffe and Josh Hutcherson, to Marilyn Manson, Pitbull, Janet Jackson, Barack Obama and beyond, there's literally something for everyone! Celeb watchers can browse names alphabetically or by category to view the latest celebrity photos.

“I think we've all run into a famous actor or musician or athlete at one point in time and you get that picture and you're just dying to show it to everyone you know! So we established 99 Celebrities as a fun platform where people can share their snapshots with their favorite celebs,”  explained 99 Celebrities founder  Bogdan  Chis  added, “It's also a fun outlet for fans, as you can view pics and stories from your favorite celeb's everyday life.  I think the first questions people ask are, 'What was he/she like?!? Where did you meet him/her??' so we've included a “Story Behind the Photo” section where you can share the details of your once-in-a-lifetime encounter!”

99 Celebrities recently unveiled a fresh, sleek new site design that makes sharing and viewing the latest celebrity photos even easier. You can now view popular images, the latest photo uploads from the site's top contributors and much more!

Unlike many sites, 99 Celebrities exists solely for the fans. A rarity on the modern web, 99 Celebrities is advert-free, so there are no distracting pop-ups and flashing advertisements. Just pictures and stories about your favorite celebrities and their run-ins with 99 Celebrities' contributors.

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