The Grand opening for 9Round Kansas City/ Liberty is This Saturday January 5th, 2013.
 It will be from 8-12 at 9758 N.Ash Avenue Kansas City, MO 64157

Shannon "the Cannon" Hudson current IKF light middleweight World Champion and Founder/CEO of 9Round will be flying in to train new and existing members for the
grand opening.
 Anyone who wants to try a free workout for the first time will also get trained by the Champion this one day only. The ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by BNI ELITE will be taking place at noon to close the festivities.
 You don't want to miss this event as it is the LAST DAY for the half price enrollment fee of $49 and the lower membership prices- as they will go up after noon on Saturday.

 Visitors from ages 11 and up who would like a free workout, or any new and existing members and your families will be entered for a chance to win a door prize if you attend the grand opening.
Regardless if you workout Saturday or not, you can still enter for a chance at the door prizes, so bring your family, friends and neighbors for a fun filled grand opening!!
 The door prizes vary from gift certificates and items from local businesses to the grand prize which is a free 6 month membership to 9Round. You can win any of these items just for showing up. So come out and check them out!!  
Remember to " like" them on Facebook at 9Round Kansas City/Liberty to receive posts of any future updates and promotions.

 Don't forget to stop by Chillers Nutrition Club which is located  ( next door )
 for your samples of healthy Energy Tea's, Shakes and Protein Bars. Plus you can get great information for your Pre and Post workout products. You can check them out online at Chillers Nutrition Club.Com

 9Round is a Structured and Convenient 30 minute total body circuit workout program. The workouts change daily- so no boring routines. It is very effective and can be adjusted to anyone's level of fitness.
  The best part is that there are NO CLASS TIMES so you just come at your convenience, and you have a motivating  CERTIFIED TRAINER with you every step of the way. .
The trainers will work with each client every time they come in to work out.
 Each workout always combines functional, interval, cardio, and resistance training regiments all into one amazing workout!!
9Round is a Full body circuit format includes boxing, kickboxing, cardio and resistance training, so you get results- FAST!!!
Whether you are a you are a beginner or advanced fitness level, the Certified 9Round     Trainers will help you kick and punch your way to a healthier you!!!
 Members range from ages 11 and up and ALL fitness levels!!
 Their oldest member now is in their mid 60's and had not worked out in 5 years and after just 8 weeks is now doing full pushups and sit-ups, droping pounds, inches and lost 2 clothing sizes.  The Average calorie loss is 500 calories in 30 minutes. This is the first location in the Missouri and Kansas area.