We developed 9yahds to provide consultants and business owners access to a robust, yet intuitive process documentation and automation software. In 9yahds, a simple, drag and drop method allows anyone in your company to document what they do, test it and improve it while using it in practical situations. Say goodbye to VISIO, code and flow charts.

Why document with 9yahds
• Create a library of every day human processes (those are the repetitive things people do to keep your company running)
• Build a knowledge base for use in training and exception handling
• Build value...intangible capital that is!
• Ensure successful transfer of business lines or entire company during acquisition or divestiture
• Real time management, testing and improvement of business continuity and disaster recovery plans
• Process improvement, testing and refinement

Why automate with 9yahds
• Receive notifications of what you need to do, when you need to do it (stop buying sticky notes)
• Rely on notifications to let your team members know when to do their part instead of emailing reminders and status updates
• Test processes such as disaster recovery and exception processes with enough regularity for people to be comfortable with what needs to be done if something ‘goes bump in the night!’
• Increase consistency and make notes within 9yahds to reflect exceptions. Overtime, you will build a process to handle those too.

Why track with 9yahds
• See what is most often being done and by whom.
• Monitor bottlenecks and exceptions to better define your processes
• Manage resources to meet workflow needs, easily switch roles if someone is overburdened, or worse…unexpectedly out!

End of the day, if you and your co-workers are relying on sticky notes, legal pads and outdated paper manuals to manage everything from day to day tasks to disaster recovery plans, it’s time to take a look at 9yahds.