Superior Construction is a New Jersey based Roofing, Gutter, Chimney and Masonry contractor. For many years we’ve been working closely with NJ homeowners and Business owners on  roof installations and repairs, gutter installations and repairs, chimney Sweeping and repairs and all types of masonry projects. We pride ourselves with providing all our customers with quality service and honesty, reasonable prices.

Our Approach to Home Repairs & Improvements

We approach every roofing, gutter, chimney and masonry job with the Seven Steps to Success. On every job, large or small, we adhere to a professional protocol to ensure every job is a success.

1. Professional Staff: First and foremost all our employees undergo a thorough criminal background check. Then the new hires are all put through months of training with an experienced member of the Superior Construction team. Not only do we train them on proper chimney, roofing, gutter and masonry repair and installations but also on how to ensure each job gets done professoinaly and to the home owner's 100% satisfaction.

2. Inspection: We personally visit your home or business to accurately assess your individual needs and provide a comprehensive estimate of the job cost.

3. Permits: We’ve been doing this for a long time in New Jersey. We know the permits we’ll need to request from your town building department and what codes to follow to ensure the work is done quickly and within the required building codes.

4. Preparation: We provide all tools, the needed materials, covers, tarps and drop cloths. Your valuable belongings and landscape are properly covered and protected from debris.

5. Safety: We always work in pairs and never attempt to move or do something that we know is better suited for 2 or more people. In addition we wear all the proper safety equipment including hard hats and goggles when necessary.

6. Touch-Ups: After completing the major work, we will perform a thorough review and identify and touch up areas where needed.

7. Post-Production: The job isn't finished until the customer says so. We will accompany you through a personal inspection of our work to guarantee every aspect of the job meets your satisfaction.

We always use the most “Green” friendly materials available, and always provide Superior workmanship. Our objective is to build respectful and life long relationship with our valuable customers. We strive toward this goal on every project by always guaranteeing our work.  For free estimates on any project or 24 hour emergency call 1-877-319-1222 or email us at: info@aaa-superior.com.