Most people phone the main dealer when they need a part for their car especially if it is a relatively new car. Once your car leaves the showroom it then becomes second-hand ,well the same can be said for the parts on that car, for an instance if you damage your car door once its fitted and painted nobody can tell whether it was new or second-hand .

For example a door for a Ford Fiesta 3 door 2004 costs £242.71 from a main dealer and still has to be painted the same colour as your car, where as at AACarParts we could supply the same the door for £50.00 and maybe even have the same colour. Thus saving you hundreds of pounds .

At AA CarParts we have a huge range of tyres from budget to all the leading brands. Some with tread depth of 7mm/8mm saving you up to 80% off cheapest tyre dealers .

These are just some examples of savings you could receive at AACarParts to find out more visit our web site.