About AAF:

The AIDS Assistance Foundation (AAF) is a charitable organization that provides comprehensive assistance and support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Southern California. The Foundation’s role is to secure, manage, and administer philanthropic funding to support the mission of Sidelle Wellness and Confidential Patient Services.


AAF’s mission is to serve the best interests of the community by continually improving the health and quality of life of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. We strive to create and maintain an innovative support system and to provide the highest level of care.

AAF funds or supports programs which are closely identified with Sidelle Wellness’s mission and goals of bringing unity and wellness to the HIV/AIDS community. The Foundation supports the concept of “Serving One Community” and desires to fund programs and organizations that:

• Provide health-related services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS;
• Support and transform the individual, social, and economic aspects of the HIV/AIDS community;
• Provide benefit to low-income and at-risk populations;
• Develop leadership and self-governance for those supported by our funding.


AAF values the ability to provide the community a “home” where people can congregate, unwind, learn, and take part in social and wellness activities such as yoga, movie nights, skill building workshops, and support groups. We collaborate with all types of organizations in the efforts to deliver additional support to the community and to provide a wide spectrum of benefits, from psychological and social advantages to nutritional and physical health benefits. Ultimately, these additional resources provide real attention, specified support, and peace of mind.

About Sidelle Wellness:

Sidelle Wellness is a charitable, non-profit organization located in Los Angeles that provides comprehensive assistance and support to those living with HIV/AIDS throughout Southern California. We focus on our members' needs above and beyond their medical needs and create total wellness for our members.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide full wellness for those living with HIV/AIDS by combining the highest quality of Western medicine with the ancient techniques of Eastern medicine. Eastern treatments such as Reiki, meditation, yoga and acupuncture supplement our free optometry and dental care.

Our Goal:

Our goal is for our wellness center to become a “home” for members to unite as friends and help each other along their journeys.  By focusing on full wellness – mind, body, and spirit – we hope to improve every aspect of our members’ lives and allow them to thrive.

About CPS:

Started in 2011, Confidential Patient Services is a support and patient navigation program aimed towards improving the overall wellness and lifestyles of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. CPS helps members navigate and gain access to various services and programs, including, but not limited to: housing assistance, financial assistance, food assistance, and healthcare navigation. A personal support team helps members through every step and is on call 24-hours a day. Our CPS Patient Care Specialists are mobile and will meet our members at home or other convenient locations to provide the best service possible.


Our Mission is to provide free quality and compassionate mobile patient navigation services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and Hepatitis. With this in mind, we created the Patient Navigation Program to ensure all patients are reached, educated, and empowered regarding their rights and options concerning their healthcare.